Evolving service since 2007

 Our journey started in 2007 when group of ambitious Saudi radiologist with North American qualification formed a working group. This group start to do onsite operation of Radiology departments in different private hospitals.

The idea of teleradiology is evolving with operation of Almostaqbal hospital Radiology service in Jeddah. 

2009 We are a dynamic company with joined technical and clinical venture started 2009 with simple remote access to the first PACS installation of DigitalMedics in Saudi Arabia 
2010 Our team developed special service that integrate with the client HIS
2012 We got our second contract of teleradiology service for private clinic that had NO PACS and had three modalities

2012-2013 We had our first Teleradiology contract with 200 bed hospital in Makkah. Makkah Medical Center.