TRE: Who we are?


Highly Expert Saudi Teleradiology Prpvider with Subspecialty Interpretation and International Standard TeleradiologyExperts (TRE) helps medical imaging to be so simple & sustainable with less time, work load & stress

TRE   offer  a  wide  varritay  of COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS and  services  that  are  scaled  to  every specific  need.

Staff are national and international recognized superior team highly qualified and experienced radiologists, who based in Saudi Arabia, fully insured and certified by Saudi Council of Health Specialties.

TRE   radiology professionals represent all imaging subspecialties, including body imaging, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, pediatrics radiology, nuclear medicine, interventional, chest, and breast imaging,
TRE   offers a complete range of remote image interpretation services that can be customized to any organization’s specific requirements.
TRE   board-certified radiologists are available to provide interpretations 24/7.

is dedicated to provide the highest level of customer service available in the industry,whether organization is big or small.


TRE   service Contracts are simple and straight forward, yet flexible to meet each organization’s unique needs. No (or minimal) start up costs and no separate charges for malpractice insurance. 

has Fully developed infrastructure for excellent customer service.

TRE   is Following international Standers, FDA recommendation & ACR Guide lines. 
TRE   is Saudi Arabia based company.
TRE   has Quality assurance process in place to maintain high quality and improved client services.

has he latest technology with Advanced PACS system with ability of receiving images from all available PACS system regardless the manufacturer.