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ABOUT TeleRadiologyExperts

TRE Holdings is a radiologist-run and operated full-service subspecialty radiology & teleradiology company.

Definition of Teleradiology

So, what is teleradiology? Teleradiology is the transmission of radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purpose of sharing studies with other radiologists and physicians for interpretation and diagnosis.

Teleradiology Cost:

One of the leading benefits of using teleradiology is financial. Teleradiology by its very nature is an efficient and high quality manner by which patient images can be interpreted and diagnosed by qualified specialists. When utilized properly, a radiologists down time is minimized, allowing for cost effective and timely interpretations. Teleradiology costs are based on the modality of the study (CT, MR, US, etc.) and the expected report turn-around time.

Teleradiology technology:

TRE leverages a customized PACS system integrated with a RIS. Click here to learn more about our teleradiology technology.
Here, at TRE we have a well-qualified team of radiologists who have extensive experience covering all aspects of radiology and teleradiology.

Teleradiology benefits:

Reduced cost - Radiology expenses are converted from fixed to variable costs. Efficiency is significantly increased. Expertise - Ability to access subspecialty radiology experts when needed via teleradiology. Increased coverage - Coverage for less desirable work shifts is provided through teleradiology for less than the cost of having a group member read cases during nights and weekends.Teleradiology "fractional staffing" is ideal as it allows for the most qualified specialist to be available on a per report basis versus full time salary.

Our Vision & Mission

We pursue this mission by applying modern technology and intelligent processes to diagnostic services. For the time being, we focus on highly specialized radiology and pathology diagnostics. In the future we might create other products and services, but they will always contribute to this greater cause.

Our service is absolute top of class in all our markets. We have objective and transparent measurements to prove the medical quality of our work. Lack of time or resources cannot be an excuse to not meet our quality standards.


Recognizing the need for high-quality, reliable on-call and daytime radiology and teleradiology services, the TRE was formed by a collaborative effort of Saudi radiologists, all Board Certified. Each one brings their experience from some of the finest radiology departments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our model is unique & TRE is privately owned and is operated by radiologists without nonmedical interests, corporate bureaucracy, or middlemen.